First Day Pickin’

A little while back I bought an acoustic guitar so that Agent A and I could learn how to play. He wanted a guitar for Christmas and we got him one. Nothing big, just a little Cars guitar that he would be able to learn to play on, wouldn’t matter if he beat it up any. We even had Hambone come down and teach him some things. But, he was just a kid that wanted to make noise, not really play. So the guitar sat in a corner collecting dust for years.

Fast forward and now Agent A is learning to play the drum set. His teacher, Will at Leinninger Music Instruction, teaches guitar as well as drum. When I brought up the idea of learning the guitar, Will asked me an excellent question…why do I want to learn?

The answer is more than just because I have the guitar or because it’s something to do. I wanted to because learning about music and playing an instrument might make me a better DJ; add more depth to the show. I also want to learn so that I can write a song with my son. I have lyrics that he inspired and I’d like to finish that song with him.

I was very excited to do this, looked forward to the lesson. My biggest worry going in wasn’t if I could get it. I have no doubt I can do it with training from Will and practice. The biggest worry is if my fingers will allow me to do it. My fingers are a little stiff but I think they will loosen up as I practice and muscle memory takes over.

The toughest skill I learned tonight was the hammer on. Just can’t seem to hit the string hard enough. I was able to eventually do it on all the strings though. Learned the basics tonight as well, including things like the notes of each string and how to tune the guitar. I was a big apprehensive about tuning my guitar. The only other time I tried to tune a guitar was when I tried to tune Agent A’s Cars guitar and broke a string. I’m happy to report that I was a bit more cautious and did not break anything.

I think the first lesson was a success and practice will make somewhat perfect. Now the fun really begins. With the new floor down, Agent A’s drum set will be coming down to the Lair (he promised he’d practice more if I bring it down). Never know, maybe someday in the future he and I will be down here jamming and driving Mrs. Lurch crazy.

Two weeks till next lesson. I have lots to practice till then. So stay tuned as I will be writing about my experiences learning the guitar and hopefully understanding more about music in general. So until next time Lair Lurkers, this is DJ Addam from Lurch’s Lair!