The Weekend

What a great birthday weekend it was! It was great to get away, shed the accumulated stresses of daily life, and take in some great music. Not only did we get away, we got to see our friends in Ignite the Fire once again! The best part? I got to share this passion of mine with my son, Agent A.

I think that is the best part that has come out of Lurch’s Lair, for me personally. Saturday night I was watching With Lying Eyes when Agent A tapped my arm and showed me the note he wrote on his phone, “This is great”. Yes, he was playing a game on his phone but he was also tapping his foot to the music and bobbing his head. Then he ended up sitting on my knee as Hope for the Hollow played. When Ignite the Fire took the stage, he was so excited!

Agent A watched and chair danced as Jack, Mark, Michael, Holly, and Caelan performed.  He was resistant to move closer to the stage but Mrs. Lurch drug him up there.  Between songs, they gave me a shout out for my birthday. That’s when Agent A came back to the table and pulled me up to the stage, at one time, looking up to the stage and pointing to me like ‘here he is’. After the show, Agent A got to go up and sit behind the drum kit. Nothing could have wiped the smile off his face as he talked to Caelan.

Just in the short time doing this show, I’ve met some great people and made new friends. But this, this was the greatest benefit, seeing Agent A excited and happy about something that isn’t about TV or video games.

Last night after the show, got back to the hotel, and I was flipping through my Facebook timeline. The boss man here at Neue Regel Radio posted “Thank you music for this incredible family you have given me.” No truer words have been spoken. Thank you all who support the show. Thank you to the bands that make the music that I can have a show. Thank you to all the great people I’ve met and friends I’ve made.

This is truly an amazing gift that I get to keep enjoying day after day!