First Day Pickin’

A little while back I bought an acoustic guitar so that Agent A and I could learn how to play. He wanted a guitar for Christmas and we got him one. Nothing big, just a little Cars guitar that he would be able to learn to play on, wouldn’t matter if he beat it up any. We even had Hambone come down and teach him some things. But, he was just a kid that wanted to make noise, not really play. So the guitar sat in a corner collecting dust for years.

Fast forward and now Agent A is learning to play the drum set. His teacher, Will at Leinninger Music Instruction, teaches guitar as well as drum. When I brought up the idea of learning the guitar, Will asked me an excellent question…why do I want to learn?

The answer is more than just because I have the guitar or because it’s something to do. I wanted to because learning about music and playing an instrument might make me a better DJ; add more depth to the show. I also want to learn so that I can write a song with my son. I have lyrics that he inspired and I’d like to finish that song with him.

I was very excited to do this, looked forward to the lesson. My biggest worry going in wasn’t if I could get it. I have no doubt I can do it with training from Will and practice. The biggest worry is if my fingers will allow me to do it. My fingers are a little stiff but I think they will loosen up as I practice and muscle memory takes over.

The toughest skill I learned tonight was the hammer on. Just can’t seem to hit the string hard enough. I was able to eventually do it on all the strings though. Learned the basics tonight as well, including things like the notes of each string and how to tune the guitar. I was a big apprehensive about tuning my guitar. The only other time I tried to tune a guitar was when I tried to tune Agent A’s Cars guitar and broke a string. I’m happy to report that I was a bit more cautious and did not break anything.

I think the first lesson was a success and practice will make somewhat perfect. Now the fun really begins. With the new floor down, Agent A’s drum set will be coming down to the Lair (he promised he’d practice more if I bring it down). Never know, maybe someday in the future he and I will be down here jamming and driving Mrs. Lurch crazy.

Two weeks till next lesson. I have lots to practice till then. So stay tuned as I will be writing about my experiences learning the guitar and hopefully understanding more about music in general. So until next time Lair Lurkers, this is DJ Addam from Lurch’s Lair!

Friday Night at the Show

Friday night’s show was great! Thank you to New Day Dawn, Ignite the Fire, Through Fire, and Otherwise for a great show. New Day Dawn gave us some of the tracks from “Rise Above This” and a taste of what is to come later this year. J Ignite the Fire followed that up with tracks from “Trials and Triumph” as well as a new song! And Through Fire and Otherwise kept the rocking going as they rocked the roof off.

Going out and supporting these bands is something I always talk about on the show. Of course, you support the bands when you visit the merchandise table and pick up a CD or a t-shirt. It’s definitely support that each band needs to keep doing this. But that’s not the only kind of support there is. Sharing the experience with your friends and family is also supporting the bands. Going to the merchandise table, saying hi and shaking their hand is support. Trust me, all of it is appreciated.

It was so great to see my friends in Ignite the Fire again and to meet Dawn Botti from New Day Dawn. For me, this was the best part of the show! Don’t get me wrong, the music was killer. But catching up with friends and meeting new bands has been the best part of the Lair.

And to all of the bands out there…You rock and I roll out the music! Let’s keep that going cause there is a lot of great music to bring to fans and I’m glad I can be part of that.

The Weekend

What a great birthday weekend it was! It was great to get away, shed the accumulated stresses of daily life, and take in some great music. Not only did we get away, we got to see our friends in Ignite the Fire once again! The best part? I got to share this passion of mine with my son, Agent A.

I think that is the best part that has come out of Lurch’s Lair, for me personally. Saturday night I was watching With Lying Eyes when Agent A tapped my arm and showed me the note he wrote on his phone, “This is great”. Yes, he was playing a game on his phone but he was also tapping his foot to the music and bobbing his head. Then he ended up sitting on my knee as Hope for the Hollow played. When Ignite the Fire took the stage, he was so excited!

Agent A watched and chair danced as Jack, Mark, Michael, Holly, and Caelan performed.  He was resistant to move closer to the stage but Mrs. Lurch drug him up there.  Between songs, they gave me a shout out for my birthday. That’s when Agent A came back to the table and pulled me up to the stage, at one time, looking up to the stage and pointing to me like ‘here he is’. After the show, Agent A got to go up and sit behind the drum kit. Nothing could have wiped the smile off his face as he talked to Caelan.

Just in the short time doing this show, I’ve met some great people and made new friends. But this, this was the greatest benefit, seeing Agent A excited and happy about something that isn’t about TV or video games.

Last night after the show, got back to the hotel, and I was flipping through my Facebook timeline. The boss man here at Neue Regel Radio posted “Thank you music for this incredible family you have given me.” No truer words have been spoken. Thank you all who support the show. Thank you to the bands that make the music that I can have a show. Thank you to all the great people I’ve met and friends I’ve made.

This is truly an amazing gift that I get to keep enjoying day after day!

What This Means

As I talked about on Friday night’s show, I love having my own show and sharing the music I discover with all those listening. I hope that all those listening share this music with their friends and so on. Not necessarily for the sake of my show, but for the bands that I play. See, to me, that’s what this show is about, getting the music out there for these men and women who play their hearts out. I don’t really think I do anything special, I just play music. The artists and the bands, they are the ones that do something special by creating the music. That’s what I mean when I say, “You rock and I just roll out the tunes.”

I had a conversation Friday night after the show and it was very humbling. I was told that I give the band a voice. I mean, I understand that there is a symbiotic relationship with bands and radio but I’ve never really thought about it in the context of giving a band a voice. But those words meant a lot to me and a bit of a new perspective on the show.

So I’ll keep doing what I can, being a voice and champion of the great bands from everywhere, working their hardest to make their dreams come true while bringing their own unique sounds into our lives. You can help too! You find a band you like, share them on social media. Invite your friends to their pages. Go to their concerts. Buy their music and merchandise. Cause the more support they get, the closer they get to their goals and dreams.

Speaking of which, back to show planning. I have tomorrow’s show almost done and I’m starting on a Ladies of the Lair (kind of Excalbur-esque there) theme for Friday night’s show. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night at 7:00 Eastern and Friday night at 9:00 Eastern.

4/20/2017 - A First

Good evening Lair Lurkers! My first blog post…woot woot! My posts could be about dang near anything so you have been warned. LOL But for this first post, I want to share something that happened to me yesterday morning.

If you’ve listened to the show before, you know my son is on the Autism Spectrum, basically what they used to refer to as Asperger’s. One of the big issues for anyone like him is they don’t process social cues and body language as a “normal” person does. It’s something he is working on and he has come a long way. But this makes socialization awkward or problematic and making friends hard. And the one thing he wants are friends to play with.

Yesterday morning, I’m getting ready for work and something that has never happened, happened. Song lyrics just started coming to my mind. And it wasn’t like a fleeting thought, this was a “hey stupid, write this down dude” kind of thought. So I did. I don’t think I’ll make a career switch or anything, but I think these are pretty good as a first time ever thing. And the inspiration for these lyrics…my son and his struggles and the thought that he doesn’t want people to think of him as different, instead he is just who he is, he is his normal. This is what came to me:

I’m no different, this is normal for me,

I’m no different, oh please can’t you see.

What do you see when you look at me?

Someone strange or the real me?

I may act silly, but that’s part of my charm.

I may say things wrong, but I mean no harm.

I might say something bad without realizing, it’s just part of who I am.

I’m hugely and snuggley with my head up in the Stars.

Up with Luke and Leia and Finn and Rey all day!

Which can get me in trouble, for I’m not paying attention.

Luckily my teachers understand, so I don’t get detention.

No really sure where to go from here. It definitely needs work, a chorus, and anything I knew about music left a long time ago. I would love to be able to write more and maybe even sing it for him. Inspiration comes in spurts for me. I have some work and maybe one day I’ll finish this just so that boy knows exactly how much of an inspiration and a joy he is in my life.

Alright, enough of being the sappy Dad. Friday will be here soon enough and I have to be well rested for the show tomorrow night. Good night Lair Lurkers…sleep tight.