Lurch's Lair:  The Origin Story

In 2013 my friend Rich came to work telling me he was starting his own online radio show.  That opened up a whole new world of music for me and led to Lurch’s Lair.  No way I would have thought I would be on the radio. It’s been a great ride filled with music, laughter, good friends, and new people.  And it started with a list that would become Lurch’s Lair.

In February 2016, sitting at a live broadcast of Uncharted Kaos, Rich was taking requests for the third hour of the show.  That gave me the idea to create my own playlist that Rich and NipNyce could play during the next live show in March.  Rich liked the idea but it wasn’t going to be Rich and Nip playing those songs.  At the March live show Rich turned over the co-host seat to me and Lurch hit the airwaves with Nip.  The first Lurch’s List was filled with my favorite songs from the show along with a couple new bands thrown in.  I was so nervous!  But Nip was great and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I would come up with Lurch’s Lists two and three for two more appearances before Nip and Rich asked me to scout bands for the show.  That gave me the idea of the Facebook page and Lurch’s Lair was born in July, 2016.  Even at that time, I’d have laughed if someone told me it would lead to my own show.  It was one thing to go on someone else’s show for an hour, completely a different thing to have your own show.  A month later, that all changed.

August 22nd I joined Rich and Nip in the studio for a show.  That night, after the show, we sat and talked and the idea was brought up about a show.  I liked the times being on with Rich and Nip.  It was a scary but exciting thought.  The next day, I sent a message to Rich to see if it was even possible.  A couple weeks later I found out that it wasn’t just possible, it was a reality…Lurch’s Lair was going to Neue Regel Radio. 
On October 7th, 2016, with a click of a button, Lurch’s Lair became a radio show.  I have enjoyed the ride so far and look forward to the ride as it continues.  I love watching the Lair growing and how excited my son gets being able to join me on the show.  Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making this happen and continue to support the show. 

DJ Addam, Lurch’s Lair